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By James Egbert, 04/04/18, 1:00PM CDT


Impact Summer Performance Program – sponsored by St. Louis Crossfire Elite Volleyball Club

Champions are Made in the Offseason

Club season is a great time to show off your skills, bond with your team, and compete for glory.  Every week presents a new opportunity to overcome.

But the OFFSEASON – the summer – is the time to develop and sharpen those skills to be ready to make the most of your school and/or club seasons. 


That’s why we offer the Impact Summer Performance Program, a collection of courses and events that offer the gamut of skills and technical trainings, opportunities for strength and conditioning, and competition to test out your newfound abilities.  We have indoor and beach programs to broaden your capabilities and give you the tools to succeed!


Here's the overview of the courses:

Indoor Training

Foundation Skills course for new or beginning players ages 11-14 that focus on Passing, Hitting, Setting and Serving. 

Advanced Skills hones in on technical nuances of each of the volleyball focus areas.

Positional Training goes in-depth on highly specialized aspects of Setting, Pin Hitting, Middle Hitting/Blocking, and Individual Defense.

VolleyKids is a three-day fun and exciting event designed to introduce the game to very young future stars, ages 7-10.

College Prep Camp is a three-day event run by current and former college coaches which will help athletes develop a profile that will appeal to colleges as they seek opportunities to play beyond high school and junior volleyball.


Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning trains the body and mind for competition.  Six-week course of either one of two nights per week.


Outdoor Training (Beach)

Doubles, Quads, and Sixes - Practices, tournaments and league play for Doubles, Quads and Sixes.

Doubles has local and travel tournament options, including USAV Bid Events.

Quads and Sixes have local league play. 


Come get your game on and prepare yourself to dominate in the FALL!


Follow the link to the Summer Programs here