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Hoops Mania 2019 (Club Wide)

This is the biggest fundraiser that we as a club will be doing this year. We are going to have paper tickets for the Athletes to sell but I wanted to get the information and the website info out now. We are not requiring you to take part but we are asking that each Athlete sells at least 5 tickets $100 worth .  Any tickets over 5 that you sell you get to keep $10  out of every card you sell to apply to your fees or use for travel. This is a great way for you to earn money as last year we had some that made $500 to go toward their on account.  This is the electronic way to sell them as well as the details of how the program works. The deadline is 3-15-18 to sell or buy online.

$ave Around (Team or Individual)

TJ's Pizza (Team or Individual)

Earn up to 45% profit on each sale in the fundraising program from TJ's Pizza in North County, Missouri. Our program was created for the individual who needs to raise money but doesn’t have the support of a team or organization. TJ's Pizza is a pizza manufacturer that started as a restaurant in the early 1980s. We began offering frozen pizza a few years later, a move encouraged by the increasing demand for our signature TJ's St. Louis-style pizza. Our fundraising program is based on selling the best frozen pizza in the Midwest as well as desserts, braided breads, and cookie dough.