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Travel Teams


Our Travel teams are designed for players that want to play and experience club volleyball without the investment level of the (National) team. There is a required Uniform package for this team.  Each team carries 10 athletes and requires 100% attendance for practices and 100% tournaments.


  • Two 2-hour practices weekly 
  • Third night of 1 hour Crossfit Training (volleyball specific)


The teams will compete in 10-12 tournaments

  • 3+ Out of town tournaments (bid)
  • 1 Club Travel tournament (bid)
  • 2-3 Additional Major Tournaments (bid)
  • 2-3 Local Tournaments
  • AAU League (bid)

Team Names

  1. One
    • Core Team of returning players
  2. Two
    • Some returning players
  3. Three
    • Some returning players
  4. Four
    • New team or mostly new players